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Meet Fiona
The Legend Behind the Roast

If you've been visiting Quince Coffee House during the past year, you may have met our sweet Fiona.

Fiona is a French Bulldog who was adopted during the beginning of our re-opening of Quince Coffee House at the start of 2020.

During a time where many were left feeling stressed or confused with current events, Fiona brought joy and comfort to our Quince Family and our community. 

Fiona has since become our mascot and is a fully licensed and registered therapy and service dog, allowing her to be on site, inside the shop.

You can usually visit Fiona on the weekends or weekdays for a few hours each day.

Give her some kisses and buy some of her Coffee!! 10% of profits from our house-roasted beans goes back to the local animal rescue organization that Fiona comes from. 

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