1447 Quince St.
Denver, CO 80220



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spired drinks for every month


Zodiac Menu


Indoor & Patio Seating Available!
Live Music Saturdays

Gluten-Free & Vegan Menu

House Roasted Coffee & Local Pastries

Image of Quince Coffee House from Quince Street. White home with grey pointed roof and porch with columns and colorful curtains.. Blue skies, green grass and bushes. Signs are a pride colored rainbow and one black sign that reads "Open""
Image of main room inside Quince Coffee House. To the left, a white fire place and wood paneling. Ahead a corner with colorful cloth background, grey chairs and purple pillows. To the right, table and chairs, multiple colorful art paintings on the light-blue wall. Two doorways that lead to the service counter with view of pastry display and drink menu on back wall.

What is a "Quince"?

...and how do you pronounce it?

Quince (pronounced 'Kwinss') is a flowering fruit tree that produces tart, seeded, yellow fruit that looks and tastes similar to an apple and/or a pear. Internationally, it is used in pies and jellies or jams and is rarely eaten raw. Quince is also a flowering bush that is popular in suburban U.S. landscaping. Quince Street in Denver is named for the fruit tree and is the home of Quince Coffee House, hence our name.

...Isn't it the Spanish word for "fifteen"?

Quince (pronounced 'KEEN-say') is the Spanish term for the number "15" and we are delighted to have a name with so many meanings. Please DO feel free to pronounce it either way! (BTW - quince the flowering fruit is called "membrillo" in Spanish).

Quince fruit image.jpeg