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Meet The Owner;

Amy Adams


       Hello Quince Family!

 I want to take a moment to introduce myself and share a little bit about who I am and my vision for Quince Coffee House.

         My name is Amy Adams, I am a mother to two teenage boys. I also am a dog owner and you can often visit Fiona and Bodi on the weekends!

I grew up in the Colorado Rockies and live in the neighborhood!

I strongly believe in the importance of supporting our local businesses and supporting our local community. 

I truly believe that local businesses are the foundation and root of a strong community.



         I took over ownership of Quince Essential Coffee in February 2020 at the beginning of Covid-19 lockdowns/quarantine.
I changed the name to “Quince Coffee”, updated the look of the coffee shop, renovated the backyard space and have made recent changes to the menu in order to create an inclusive, comfortable place for Denver locals and visitors to relax, create and connect.
A few ways I have created a space for our local community is hosting space for local artists to share their work on our walls, hosting live local musicians every other Saturday in our patio space, hosting small events to connect with our community and selling only fresh pastries and coffee sourced from small local businesses.



        We recently started roasting our very own coffee beans. A percentage of each sale goes to a cause very dear to our hearts. 

specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming neglected pups that deserve better lives. You can stop in and grab a pound of our House Roasted "Fiona" blend or grab a bag from our Etsy. Click the photo for link.

    I’m excited to share more of our journey and watch our community grow. The next time you stop in at Quince ask for Amy and say Hi!! Thank you Quince Family for all of the love and support. ❤️

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